CSM continues to debate the issues that matter

CSM has continued to debate the economy and morality at the Labour Conference this week. Yesterday I spoke at Morals and Banking - is the feeling mutual? alongside Alun Michael and Rachael Reeves, with Michael Stephenson of the Cooperative Party in the chair. It was a stimulating debate - I'll post with a summary of my comments soon.

We continued the debate today with a seminar entitled Morality and the Markets with Stephen Timms MP, Jon Cruddas MP, and Joanne Green of CAFOD, with CSM Director Andy Flannagan in the chair. Jon Cruddas argued that CSM was hosting just the debates the Party needs to have this week. We've one final event this evening, Do we have enough faith in development?

Gordon Brown's speech yesterday went down well in the hall amongst delegates and there was a fairly good mood afterwards - the mood I would say is determined, with renewed enthusiasm to fight for the change we want to see in the country.

The last item of business on the floor today was an emergency resolution from the CWU calling for disclosure of the Royal Mail pension deficit. It was passed unanimously by delegates.

Stephen Beer, 30/09/2009

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