Speaking at church hustings

In the past few days I've spoken at a couple of church events organised to debate election issues.


On Wednesday last week I represented Labour at a hustings meeting run by a Christian organisation for people concerned about faith in public life.  Members of a church congregation (St Michael's Chester Square) joined us as well.  The questions were varied - they were on policy issues and also on how Christians should engage with politics.  It went ok I think.


On Sunday I was the Labour representative in a meeting in my own church, All Souls, Langham Place, after the evening service.  The event was on how Christians should think about voting and how they should think about politics.  It wasn't a hustings meeting as such, though the political reps on the platform were able to put across their party's position.  I guess there were over 200 people there.  It was a good event, with some good questions (eg how do I choose between party and candidate?  how do we decide what are the key issues?).  I was able to put in a plug for the Christian Socialist Movement too.


Stephen Beer, 27/04/2010

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