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Why I'm supporting Johanna Baxter for Labour's NEC

I want our NEC members to represent members' perspectives while having the experience and drive to lead the renewal of our Party.  The new National Executive Committee will have a great responsibility.  Labour needs to renew and we need to look again at our structures and how we do things.  But we haven't the time to fight old battles and still less the inclination.  We need to get on and get re-elected.


As a CLP Chair, I am keen that we explore new ways of connecting with the communities in which we are based.  NEC members need to think a lot about how that can work.  The NEC has a greater role in Opposition.  Also, Labour values of fairness and equality must apply in all we do as a Party; internally and externally.


Thinking about what to look for in NEC candidates, I drafted a rough checklist.  I believe Johanna Baxter meets those criteria.  She will inject new thinking into Labour's governing body.  As a CLP Secretary (of a CLP next to my constituency) she understands how the Party works on the ground.  Her union experience convinces me that she will not just talk about new ideas but will press for action.


I like the commitment to regular and open communication with members and to a transparent policy-making process.  Also, Johanna is committed to finding ways we can engage more with local communities.  I think Johanna will provide a fresh perspective to our NEC.


Johanna's Facebook page is here.


Stephen Beer, 25/08/2010

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