Labour conference 2011

I'm writing this on the train back from Labour's 2011 conference. This was the week when Ed Miliband was able to set out his stall to the country as Labour leader and prospective prime minister, which he succeeded in doing. I'd say the week saw the Labour Party build in confidence and become more sure of itself as each day went by. This was clearly seen in Ed's question and answer session yesterday afternoon, when he faced questions from members of the public outside the Labour Party.

The week began with questions and suggestions about how Labour will rebuild its economic credibility, not least from my Fabian Society pamphlet, Credibility Deficit. The pamphlet was launched at Conference and it was good to see it becoming a talking point with people stopping me to talk about it. Labour did take further steps towards greater economic credibility this week - a subject of another blog post - and there is more of this to do.

Stephen Beer, 29/09/2011

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