Credibility Deficit pamphlet wins prize

I had a very pleasant surprise on Saturday at the Fabian Society AGM, when I won the Jenny Jeger Prize for the best Fabian publication of the year, for the pamphlet Credibility Deficit - How to rebuild Labour's economic reputation.

The prize was organised to commemorate Jenny Jeger, lifelong Fabian and Chair of the Society in 1984. It was a real honour to be recognised in that way and I was genuinely lost for words. I should note here the acknowledgements in the pamphlet, particularly to Tom Hampson and Ed Wallis for their work to make it happen.  At one point they were being inundated with emails from me each day with last minute tweaks.

I'm pleased too that the pamphlet, launched in September at the Labour Party annual conference, is proving durable. People are reading it (which is a good thing) and engaging with the arguments I make about how Labour can restore its economic credibility. I'm looking forward to taking the message to Fabian Society branches in the months to come, and debating the issues at the Fabian Society's New Year conference.

Stephen Beer, 14/11/2011

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