End of an era?!*

I am stepping down from being Constituency Chair

Vauxhall station S Beer photo

After almost eleven years, the time has come to step down as Chair of Vauxhall Constituency Labour Party.  I'm not seeking re-election at our AGM next month.

Eleven years is a long time to chair a constituency party (and not a time span I would necessarily recommend!). I retain a vision of a local Labour Party much better linked to its local neighbouring communities and becoming increasingly dynamic and creative in the way it encourages members and supporters to get involved.  This is a vision held by many of us in the CLP today and that means it's not a bad time to hand over the reins.

Another key factor when deciding whether or not to stand again is the time and attention needed for other commitments and projects, temporary or permanent. And sometimes it is good to take a break from being a CLP officer. Basically, it is time!

My final report (including no doubt a few reflections on the role) will be out in a couple of weeks. I will of course continue to play a full part in CLP life, confident that we have a strong team of officers, coordinators, and activists to take us forward.

*an attempt at 'ironic self-deprecation'

Stephen Beer, 12/11/2012


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