Harold Wilson recognised by Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey has announced that it is to have a memorial stone to recognise Harold Wilson, Prime Minister in 1964-70 and 1974-6.  It plans to recognise all prime ministers (there's nothing to mark any beyond 1955) and the stone to Wilson is to be dedicated this year.

My comment, as the Christian Socialist Movement's Political Officer was:

"It is fitting that past prime ministers are being honoured in this way by Westminster Abbey. Holding the office of prime minister is a great responsibility, of which we see only a part.

Harold Wilson famously said that 'The Labour Party is a moral crusade or it is nothing.' Politics and morality, doing the right thing, will always be intertwined. It is a shame that today some people try to divorce the two. Recognising past leaders in Westminster Abbey reminds us that, whatever their own approach to faith, they are part of the ongoing story of our nation, in which faith and God will continue to be vitally important

Stephen Beer, 02/01/2013

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