It's not enough to quote development goals 

We want, we need, a better world. Sustainable investment is one way of helping make that happen. However, it's becoming common for investment funds to claim they support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But that's not enough. There is a risk it can become a box ticking exercise, changing very little. In this Daily Mail This is Money article I'm quoted saying the following:

"It is becoming increasingly common to see fund managers talk about how their funds match up to the SDGs but I don’t think this tells investors that much unless they are integrating those concerns into the investment strategy in a credible way. 

'It is too easy to produce a presentation on a portfolio which has ticks for supporting SDGs but most large companies will qualify in some way. If you also say you talk to companies about the SDGs then you can tick more boxes. But that’s not enough for an integrated responsible investment approach.[Free investing guides]'I suspect one reason fund managers or advisers quote the SDGs is that they do not have any other framework around which to build a responsible investment strategy."

Comments made to This is Money, 26/08/2019


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