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Standing for Vauxhall 

I stood to be Labour’s candidate in Vauxhall and was on the shortlist of candidates.
However I was not successful.

I wish Florence Eshalomi all the best - she will be an excellent candidate and MP for Vauxhall.

Here is a summary of why I stood.

I have devoted my life to working for social justice, and I want to make that experience work for the people of Vauxhall. Let’s work together to elect a Labour MP in Vauxhall and put Labour in government.

Stephen Beer & Jeremy Corbyn 3
Let's work together to win in Vauxhall

What you can expect from me:

I have been a leader and activist in Vauxhall for  over 20 years - a unifying force respected for energy, decency and fairness right across our local party.

I am a national champion of ethical investment and responsible capitalism through a 25 year City career with the Methodist Church - currently its Chief Investment Officer.  I know how to make Britain and the world a fairer place, with an economy that works for all. 

I am a passionate believer in and campaigner for Remain - keeping Britain in the EU must be Labour’s top priority. The harmony and the economy of Vauxhall depends on it, and so does Labour’s chances of winning Vauxhall again at the General Election.

We are living in difficult times, with a Conservative government putting ideology before country. The people of Vauxhall are paying the price for poor leadership at the top of politics. It is time to send people to Parliament with the values we share and the drive to change things for the better.

We cannot avoid Brexit and we have to take a stand. It is time Vauxhall had an MP who will fight against a Tory deal or a no deal Brexit - a candidate and MP who firmly believes we should Remain in the European Union. I am that person.

But we need more. The gap between rich and poor is wide and growing. I know how to make the economy work for the people of Vauxhall - for the many not the few. I understand how the economy works and what needs to be done. I stand up to the City and big business, fighting for social justice, bringing my perspective as a union member (Unite), and I will do that as your candidate and Member of Parliament.

I am a Christian Socialist. I believe we are all equal and I will not rest until we live in a society - and a world - that treats each person equally. This is what drives my politics and why I stood for parliament. Vauxhall has been my home for over 20 years. It is an area I know and love well. This is why I have been so active in Vauxhall Labour.

This is why I want to bring people together in Vauxhall from across our party to win this election and send someone to Westminster who can fight for us.

And this is why I am asking for your support to be that person - to be your candidate and MP.

Some information about me

Chief Investment Officer, Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church
Responsible for ethical investment funds of approximately £1.3 billion, engaging with companies on issues like executive pay and the living wage, climate change, and Modern Slavery. Vice Chair, Church Investors Group, bringing together £21 billion on ethical issues.

Chair, Vauxhall Constituency Labour Party
From 2001 to 2012. Currently a General Committee delegate for Vassall Branch and Constituency Executive Committee member. Previous roles include Secretary of both Oval and Prince branches.

Over 25 years campaign experience
Parliamentary candidate (Wantage) in 2001, where I fought a competitive campaign and held off a LibDem challenge. Currently Political Communications officer for Christians on the Left, overseeing our national campaigning.

You can find more information about me here.

Please do contact me via, or via @stephen_beer .

Letter I drafted to Labour's NEC from the Oval Branch of Vauxhall Constituency Labour Party.
My final report as Vauxhall CLP Chair. I'm standing down after 11 years in the post. This report contains some reflections about the CLP, the role, and what we need to focus on in future.
I am stepping down from being Constituency Chair.
The advice I sent out to branch secretaries
A big thank you to the many members who put in so much hard work.