My views on economic policy and the financial sector. I've campaigned with Christians on the Left on bank reform to separate risky banking from the banks which handle retail deposits.
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 Economic Policy 
The government is paralysed, and without a clear sense of direction the markets will remain shaky.
Progress, 16 November 2018
My response for the Fabian Society on the Budget, and those forecast downgrades from the OBR.
Fabian Society, 24 November 2017
A stronger opposition would be well-placed to pressure the government on its faltering economic record.
Progress, 24 March 2017
Those hardest hit by globalisation have been betrayed not by free trade, but by governments unwilling to protect them from exploitation.
Progress, 7 February 2017
Recent data showing strong performance from the UK economy do not change the long term risks of Brexit.
Progress, 1 November 2016
The vote to leave caused an economic shock but the economy and markets have not reacted exactly as predicted.
Fabian Society, 31 July 2016
An emergency budget statement will be necessary if the UK votes to leave the European Union.
Progress, 16 June 2016
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 Credibility Deficit 
Neither a return to pre-crash business as usual nor a politics of anti-austerity will restore Labour’s economic credibility. I outline a new economic framework to meet the challenges of our time.
Fabian Society, January 2016
My initial reaction to the government's Autumn Statement on government finances and spending.
Progress, 25 November 2015
The first Conservative budget since 1996 illustrated one lesson for Labour: how important it is to establish and maintain economic credibility.
Progress, 10 July 2015
The lessons of The Credibility Deficit, published in 2011, still apply. Here's how.
Fabian Society, 5 June 2015
As the contenders for the Labour leadership begin to set out their stalls, what are the economic questions they should be answering?
Policy Network, 22 May 2015
The Conservatives seem to be undermining what economic credibility they had.
Progress, 30 April 2015
The economic issues facing whichever party wins the General Election.
Anticipations, April 2015
 Economic Indicators 
CPIH May 20   +0.7%
RPI May 20   +1.0%
% adult workforce
April 20 3.9%  
% change
Q1 20 -2.0% -1.6%
Public Debt
% of GDP
May 20 100.9% Info
Public Borrowing
year to date
May 20 £55.2bn Info
  Info from the Office for National Statistics.
 Economic Blogging 
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