Some articles about the Labour Party.  There are other articles on the Economy and Faith and Politics pages.
My article on the election of Labour's new leader and the response to the pandemic.
Church of England Newspaper, 9 April 2020
I was on the shortlist for the Vauxhall selection. However I was not successful. I wish Florence Eshalomi all the best - she will be an excellent candidate and MP for Vauxhall.
Christians on the Left statement. Current processes not fit for purpose. We need transparent procedures and independent disciplinary body.
Stephen Beer
My perspective on this year's Labour Conference.
Church of England Newspaper, 6 October 2017
LabourList, 5 June 2017
Delivering a Brexit that is socially justice must be at the heart of Labour’s general election campaign.
Progress, 19 April 2017
Labour must call for a Brexit that can unite people, not fight the battle for Britain’s future on the Conservatives’ terms.
Progress, 13 February 2017
My account of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's visit to the Labour Party's annual conference church service.
Christian Today
Writing with Steven Saxby. We call for people to do politics well by each other.
Christians on the Left, 13 September 2016
There is a vacuum at the centre of our national politics, which Labour should be filling. It is not.
Progress, 27 June 2016
Letter I drafted to Labour's NEC from the Oval Branch of Vauxhall Constituency Labour Party.
Stephen Beer
In Battersea.
Stephen Beer
Campaigning in Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Stephen Beer
Campaigning in Cambridge, Harlow, and Ilford, with the Progress 3 Seats Challenge team.
Stephen Beer
Christians on the Left is submitting a Contemporary Resolution to the Labour Party Conference.
Stephen Beer
The election results suggest 2015 will be even more about Labour vs Conservatives than we thought.
LabourList, 27 May 2015
We must not let UKIP's recent success distract us from our mission to do politics differently.
Christians on the Left, 27 May 2014
The Christian Socialist Movement, part of the Labour family, is changing its name. I explain why.
LabourList, 22 August 2013
Blue Labour, One Nation, and our message to voters at the next election.
LabourList, 16 August 2013
My letter in the Church Times on the Christian Socialist Movement's name change consultation.
Church Times, 25 January 2013
My final report as Vauxhall CLP Chair. I'm standing down after 11 years in the post. This report contains some reflections about the CLP, the role, and what we need to focus on in future.
Stephen Beer
I am stepping down from being Constituency Chair.
Stephen Beer
The advice I sent out to branch secretaries
Stephen Beer
Should the Christian Socialist Movement be called something different?
Stephen Beer
A big thank you to the many members who put in so much hard work.
Stephen Beer
Labour leader links bank crisis, MP expenses and phone hacking CSM calls again for bank reform
Stephen Beer
The Christian Socialist Movement's 50th anniversary.
Church of England Newspaper , 27 May 2011
As Labour seeks to ‘refound’ itself, some pointers for the comeback trail
Tribune, 27 May 2011
An essay published for CSM's 50th anniversary reception.
Stephen Beer
Outlining the points made in CSM's Tawney Dialogue by a cabinet minister and others
CSM 23 March 2010
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