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UntitledAn election of peace, good will, and hope? 
We need an election. We also need an election campaign conducted in the spirit of Christmas. more ...
Talking to Church Times
UntitledClearer and firmer line against anti-Semitism needed from Labour Leadership 
Christians on the Left statement. Current processes not fit for purpose. We need transparent procedures and independent disciplinary body. more ...
Stephen Beer
Darkest Hour film still Gary OA film for our time?
We continue to be fascinated by Winston Churchill. We face nothing like the same peril as a nation as in 1940, but perhaps we sense something missing from our leaders. A new film sheds some light on why. more ...
Christians on the Left
COTLLogoThe changing nature of politics - Labour Conference
My perspective on this year's Labour Conference. more ...
Church of England Newspaper, 6 October 2017
COTLLogoHow Christians on the Left plans to build bridges between faith groups and Labour
more ...
LabourList, 5 June 2017
Jeremy Corbyn speaking at LaboWhy we all need to learn to disagree well
Doing politics well by each other. more ...
Church of England Newspaper, 29 September 2016
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