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Labour has been found wanting
There is a vacuum at the centre of our national politics, which Labour should be filling. It is not. more ...
Progress, 27 June 2016
Financial-crisis-headlineCredibility Now
Neither a return to pre-crash business as usual nor a politics of anti-austerity will restore Labour’s economic credibility. I outline a new economic framework to meet the challenges of our time. more ...
Fabian Society, January 2016
Car-factoryLabour's challenge is to propose a genuine alternative
My initial reaction to the government's Autumn Statement on government finances and spending. more ...
Progress, 25 November 2015
Credibility Deficit front coveOne lesson for Labour
The first Conservative budget since 1996 illustrated one lesson for Labour: how important it is to establish and maintain economic credibility. more ...
Progress, 10 July 2015
Credibility Deficit front coveLabour and the economy - bridging the credibility chasm
The lessons of The Credibility Deficit, published in 2011, still apply. Here's how. more ...
Fabian Society, 5 June 2015
Car-factoryFive economic challenges for Labour leadership candidates
As the contenders for the Labour leadership begin to set out their stalls, what are the economic questions they should be answering? more ...
Policy Network, 22 May 2015
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