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Credibility Deficit front coveA Budget departed from reality
The last Budget of the Coalition assessed. The new independent economic and fiscal projections have implications for Labour too. more ...
Progress, 19 March 2015
Financial-crisis-headlineTories' tax cut black hole
Shedding some light on the debate between the parties on spending. more ...
Progress, 6 January 2015
Credibility Deficit front coveAt Conference, Labour must show it 'gets it' on spending
As Conference gets underway, how Labour needs to develop its economic policy. more ...
Progress, 20 September 2014
Credibility Deficit front coveThe battle for economic credibility
Reviewing a speech by Ed Balls. more ...
Progress, 31 July 2014
Financial-crisis-headlineBeing Chancellor
My contribution to the 'If I were Chancellor' collection of essays. more ...
Labour in the City November 2013
Financial-crisis-headlineIntroducing a healthy scepticism into spending
Labour economic policy after Ed Balls' conference speech. more ...
Progress, 23 September 2013
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