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Car-factoryBudget 2017: missed opportunities
My response for the Fabian Society on the Budget, and those forecast downgrades from the OBR. more ...
Fabian Society, 24 November 2017
What is happening to the UK post referendum and how should Labour respond?
The vote to leave caused an economic shock but the economy and markets have not reacted exactly as predicted. more ...
Fabian Society, 31 July 2016
Financial-crisis-headlineCredibility Now
Neither a return to pre-crash business as usual nor a politics of anti-austerity will restore Labour’s economic credibility. I outline a new economic framework to meet the challenges of our time. more ...
Fabian Society, January 2016
Credibility Deficit front coveLabour and the economy - bridging the credibility chasm
The lessons of The Credibility Deficit, published in 2011, still apply. Here's how. more ...
Fabian Society, 5 June 2015
Financial-crisis-headlineWhere does government fit into economics now?
The economic issues facing whichever party wins the General Election. more ...
Anticipations, April 2015
BeerthumbDoes Labour still have an economic credibility deficit?
One year on from the launch of my pamphlet, by how much have we changed? more ...
Fabian Society, 27 September 2012
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