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Financial-crisis-headlineFairness, Finance, and Faith 
Can we combine the three? more ...
Chapel, Jesus College, Oxford on 4 November 2018
Westminster-AbbeyLabour and faith
My 2006 Renewal paper. more ...
Stephen Beer
Westminster-AbbeyCreating the Good Society
If we want to talk about what's 'good', Labour should engage with churches and other faith groups. more ...
Progress, 30 March 2011
Must Faith Be Privatised?
Roger Trigg makes some convincing arguments for religious voices to be heard in public life. What he does not do is provide practical suggestions about how we can ensure that happens in a way that increases mutual understanding and respect. more ...
Stained GlassThe case against Christianity
Book Review of In Defence of Atheism: The case against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam by Michel Onfray. Serpents Tail, 2007. more ...
Royal Exchange LondonTime for a Jubilee budget?
We'll need time to say whether our chancellor did the right thing yesterday. Debt relief, according to the biblical principle of jubilee, might have been a good place to start. more ...
Guardian Comment is Free, 23rd April 2009
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