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Coping with a global crisis and the free-market ideology that put the blinkers on their outlook
My review of Beyond the Crash by Gordon Brown more ...
Tribune, 14 January 2010
sb-londoncityRegulation of the banks is not enough
Gordon Brown's G20 speech was bold – but we need to go further and separate risky banking activities from retail. more ...
Guardian Comment is Free, 10th November 2009
Can the politicians Put People First?
Amidst the battle to prevent a global depression, never have so many economies expected so much from so few people as next week when the leaders of the G20 meet in London. more ...
Tribune, 27 March 2009
It's not as bad as you think
We need to hold our nerve if our Party and our leader are to benefit from a political recovery. more ...
Tribune September 2008
Recession: Labour must chart a clear course through its wake.
Can New Labour survive a recession? We might be about to discover the answer. more ...
Tribune 01/08/08
Values and visibility must be cornerstones of the Labour fightback
It is not a matter of looking for the right electoral buttons to press or grasping at the first populist policy that comes along. more ...
Progress Online 13 May 2008
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