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Royal Exchange LondonMorals and markets at Labour conference
Banks must learn to embed a sense of the common good in their activities if they are not to be socially harmful. more ...
Guardian Comment is Free, 30th September 2009
Making the case for Afghanistan
Politicians can raise concerns about the Afghan conflict – but they have a duty to make the case for our role there to the nation. more ...
Royal Exchange LondonTime for a Jubilee budget?
We'll need time to say whether our chancellor did the right thing yesterday. Debt relief, according to the biblical principle of jubilee, might have been a good place to start. more ...
Guardian Comment is Free, 23rd April 2009
Memo to Tony: piety is not enough
Tony Blair's Faith Foundation should not encourage a mushy 'faith in faith'. We must be realistic if we want to curb the destructive power of religion and harness its good. more ...
Guardian Comment is Free 23 March 2009
Jobs to do
Labour has rescued the banking system. Now it's time to tackle the spectre of rapidly rising unemployment. more ...
Guardian Comment is Free 01/03/09
There's a place for faith
It's a good start – but the Runnymede Trust needs more evidence to back up its prescription for faith school more ...
Guardian Comment is Free 5 December 2008
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