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Gordon Brown  Stephen BeerLabour Positives, Tory Negatives
The political conference season revealed a great deal about what the parties think about the financial crisis and the economy. more ...
Tribune, 23rd October 2009
Royal Exchange LondonMorals and markets at Labour conference
Banks must learn to embed a sense of the common good in their activities if they are not to be socially harmful. more ...
Guardian Comment is Free, 30th September 2009
Spending cuts and deficit hysteria
Wise words from Samuel Brittan more ...
Cuts and trust
Labour got it right while the Tories were wrong, so the economic fight must not be on their ground more ...
Tribune 2 October 2009
Banking and morality - the debate continues
The news that banks appear so quickly to have forgotten the crisis into which they plunged us all has not gone down well. This appears to be the case in government. more ...
Stephen Beer