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Financial-crisis-headlineLabour deficit cutting - the £50bn question
Where the £50bn figure comes from. more ...
Stephen Beer
BeerthumbDoes Labour still have an economic credibility deficit?
One year on from the launch of my pamphlet, by how much have we changed? more ...
Fabian Society, 27 September 2012
London-CityscapeThe other great crisis
While attention in the UK was focused on the News Corp crisis, in the Eurozone another crisis has been unfolding. more ...
Progress, 19 July 2011
London-CityscapeLines of attack and best defence
Labour must be sure it is fighting on the right financial ground. more ...
Tribune, 29 October 2010
Financial-crisis-headlineCredibility Deficit
Even if Labour is proved right on the dangers of a double-dip recession, it will not be enough to win the economic arguments of five years hence. more ...
Progress magazine, October 2010
Westminster-AbbeySociety versus the government?
Why we should not rush to embrace Cameron's 'Big Society'. more ...
Church of England Newspaper, 30 July 2010
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