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IMG 3934Some Humility is in order for years of austerity 
My letter in the Financial Times on the need for a framework for economic policy decision-making. more ...
Financial Times, 23 February 2021
Values and visibility must be cornerstones of the Labour fightback
It is not a matter of looking for the right electoral buttons to press or grasping at the first populist policy that comes along. more ...
Progress Online 13 May 2008
Royal Exchange LondonTurbulent Times
Barring a financial crisis, central banks are unlikely to cut rates unless they can see a direct economic impact. Government policy has to continue to focus on economic stability and an investment orientated environment for the long term. more ...
Tribune 13 August 2007
Labour should not despair but get on the front foot
Labour Party members should not let the European election results tip them into despair. A lot was going on around these elections. more ...
Stephen Beer