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BoEwithlamp2---S-BeerInto the unknown 
The government is paralysed, and without a clear sense of direction the markets will remain shaky. more ...
Progress, 16 November 2018
The Tories' death rattle sounds
A threadbare, unimaginative Queen’s speech leaves Theresa May’s government on the cusp of a very early demise. more ...
Progress, 22 June 2017
London-CityscapeBrexit on the ballot 
Delivering a Brexit that is socially justice must be at the heart of Labour’s general election campaign. more ...
Progress, 19 April 2017
BoE-from-front-left-S-BeerThe Tory 'decade without growth'
A stronger opposition would be well-placed to pressure the government on its faltering economic record. more ...
Progress, 24 March 2017
Can Labour reframe Brexit?
Labour must call for a Brexit that can unite people, not fight the battle for Britain’s future on the Conservatives’ terms. more ...
Progress, 13 February 2017
Car-factoryIn defence of free trade
Those hardest hit by globalisation have been betrayed not by free trade, but by governments unwilling to protect them from exploitation. more ...
Progress, 7 February 2017
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