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London-CityscapeThe moment for reform
My chapter in Stewardship and the Stakeholder Economy: Perspectives on the Role of Shareholder Engagement in the UK Economy, published by PIRC more ...
PIRC, 9 November 2011
Financial-crisis-headlineGambling with someone else's money?
Speech on bank reform to Labour conference fringe event. more ...
Labour Conference fringe, 29 September 2010
BoEwithlamp1-S-BeerPrinciples for a new Labour economic policy - part 3
Getting it right on banking must be part of Labour's new economic plans. Its actions of 2008 halted catastrophe, but the party must be more vigorous in securing real reform in the City while promoting the prosperity it can bring. more ...
Progress, 8 October 2010
London-CityscapeChurches speak out on executive pay
A new report says we should look at the ratio between the highest and the lowest paid in a company. more ...
18 March 2010
IMG0749It's time to answer the anger
President Obama's bank plan is a good one and Britain should follow suit. more ...
Tribune 29 January 2010
sb-londoncityRegulation of the banks is not enough
Gordon Brown's G20 speech was bold – but we need to go further and separate risky banking activities from retail. more ...
Guardian Comment is Free, 10th November 2009
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