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Car-factoryPromoting prosperity
A look at Labour's plan for prosperity - a good foundation. Further investment must be our theme. more ...
Progress, 18 February 2015
Financial-crisis-headlineTories' tax cut black hole
Shedding some light on the debate between the parties on spending. more ...
Progress, 6 January 2015
Household gross debt to incomeWelcome to OBR world
The future charted by the OBR in its forecasts contains no great transformation of the economy, but higher household debt and low pay. Do we have the vision to chart a different course? more ...
Progress, 12 December 2014
Credibility Deficit front coveLabour's bold offer on the deficit question
Ed Miliband's speech on deficit cutting; the virtual world of deficit debates; supporting aspiration. more ...
Progress, 11 December 2014
Credibility Deficit front coveMaking Labour the voters' choice on the economy
The UK economy is growing. Living standards are improving for some. What should Labour do? more ...
Progress, 16 January 2016
Car-factoryBeing pro-business Labour
How Labour can be promote market reform while still keeping business onside. more ...
Progress, 3 December 2013
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