If tax revenues are not coming in as expected, there are implications for the next government.
Progress, 24 October 2014
My latest economic policy bulletin - plus a call for a bolder stance on Iraq/Syria.
October 2014
Following the vote for military action in Iraq, there is much more to consider and do. Labour has a key responsibility as well as the government.
The Tablet
Parliament debates intervention in Iraq to combat ISIS with questions to address, including the plight of minorities and the question of Syria.
Progress, 26 September 2014
Thinking through the issues that Parliament will debate.
Christians on the Left, 26 September 2014
As Conference gets underway, how Labour needs to develop its economic policy.
Progress, 20 September 2014


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This site contains my articles and opinions. I'm the Political Communications officer for Christians on the Left and I chaired Vauxhall Constituency Labour Party for 11 years. I'm Acting Chief Investment Officer at the Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church. My views here represent my personal opinion.

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