Campaigning in Cambridge, Harlow, and Ilford, with the Progress 3 Seats Challenge team.
Stephen Beer
A look at Labour's plan for prosperity - a good foundation. Further investment must be our theme.
Progress, 18 February 2015
Shedding some light on the debate between the parties on spending.
Progress, 6 January 2015
The future charted by the OBR in its forecasts contains no great transformation of the economy, but higher household debt and low pay. Do we have the vision to chart a different course?
Progress, 12 December 2014
What those deficit figures are about.
Stephen Beer
Where the £50bn figure comes from.
Stephen Beer


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This site contains my articles and opinions. I'm the Political Communications officer for Christians on the Left and I chaired Vauxhall Constituency Labour Party for 11 years. I'm Acting Chief Investment Officer at the Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church. My views here represent my personal opinion.

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Fiscal targets explained...
What those deficit figures are about. More ...
Labour deficit cutting - the £50bn question
Where the £50bn figure comes from. More ...
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