We need wise and mature leadership. We also need reconciliation.
Christians on the Left, 26 June 2016
An emergency budget statement will be necessary if the UK votes to leave the European Union.
Progress, 16 June 2016
Neither a return to pre-crash business as usual nor a politics of anti-austerity will restore Labour’s economic credibility. I outline a new economic framework to meet the challenges of our time.
Fabian Society, January 2016
My review of David Smith's latest book - a personal tour through the past few decades of Britain's economic history.
Progress, 18 December 2015
Looking at the Number 10 document outlining the case for action, and applying the Just War tradition.
Christians on the Left, 30 November 2015
My initial reaction to the government's Autumn Statement on government finances and spending.
Progress, 25 November 2015
My review of a book by Paul Mason. Stimulating on what to expect of a future networked world and the fundamental challenges to capitalism. But I wasn't convinced about the relevance of Marx, the focus of most of the book.
Progress, 8 October 2015
There's no point arguing Jeremy should stop being Jeremy. We need finally to do the hard work on economic policy.
Progress, 27 September 2015


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This site contains my articles and opinions. I'm the Political Communications officer for Christians on the Left and I chaired Vauxhall Constituency Labour Party for 11 years. I'm Chief Investment Officer at the Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church. My views here represent my personal opinion.

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