My views on economic policy and the financial sector. I've campaigned with Christians on the Left on bank reform to separate risky banking from the banks which handle retail deposits.
There's no point arguing Jeremy should stop being Jeremy. We need finally to do the hard work on economic policy.
Progress, 27 September 2015
 Economic Policy 
When thinking about fiscal policy, you need to think about what's happening to monetary policy too. Oh, and you need to be credible of course.
Progress, 6 August 2015
The first Conservative budget since 1996 illustrated one lesson for Labour: how important it is to establish and maintain economic credibility.
Progress, 10 July 2015
The lessons of The Credibility Deficit, published in 2011, still apply. Here's how.
Fabian Society, 5 June 2015
As the contenders for the Labour leadership begin to set out their stalls, what are the economic questions they should be answering?
Policy Network, 22 May 2015
The Conservatives seem to be undermining what economic credibility they had.
Progress, 30 April 2015
My letter in the Financial Times on how there is a clear choice on productivity and investment between the parties.
Financial Times letter, 25 April 2015
The economic issues facing whichever party wins the General Election.
Anticipations, April 2015
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 Banking Reform 
Making the case for a tax on trading and how it can be a One Nation policy.
Left Foot Forward, 6 August 2013
It should be Labour policy
Progress, 16 July 2012
The LIBOR scandal, banks, and Labour Party policy
Progress, 5 July 2012
The Independent Commission on Banking has published its final report. It's tough but doesn't go far enough.
Progress, 12 September 2011
We need power to be dispersed throughout society - and it's not too late for bank reform to lead the way.
Progress, 22 July 2011
The Independent Banking Commission has published its interim report, but it does not go far enough.
Progress, 11 April 2011
Speech on bank reform to Labour conference fringe event.
Labour Conference fringe, 29 September 2010
 Economic Indicators 
CPI May 15   0.0%
RPI May 15   +1.0%
% adult workforce
May 15 5.6%  
% change
Q2 15 +0.7% +2.6%
Public Debt
% of GDP
June 15 81.5% Info
Public Borrowing
year to date
June 15 £25.1bn Info
  Info from the Office for National Statistics.
 Economic Blogging 
Fiscal targets explained...
Labour deficit cutting - the £50bn question
The decline in real incomes continues
GDP - a long way to catch up
UK productivity revised
No short cuts 
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God and Mrs Thatcher
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