Campaigning in Vauxhall

I made it from Warrington to Vauxhall yesterday to continue campaigning with Kate Hoey and the team.  We covered a lot of ground in the constituency and Kate had a good response on the doorstep.


Kate wtih campaign team Fentim

Kate and the Labour campaign team in Fentiman Road, Oval ward.


The final few days of a campaign have a different feel about them.  They are a lot about encouraging supporters to vote on the day, with a last few sessions of voter id. 


Meanwhile, Gordon Brown gave a powerful speech today to Citizens UK in London.  He spoke with a real passion about what motivates him in politics and on the issues that matter.  Watching it, you get a real sense that this is what the election should be about - arguing the case with passion.  There is no scope for this in the TV debates, which didn't cover any subject in much detail.


I enjoyed Labour's latest video - a light-hearted (with a serious point) look at what life would be like under Cameron's 'Big Society' government if the Conservatives win on Thursday.


Stephen Beer's blog 4 May 2010, 04/05/2010

Kate Hoey (Guest) 20/05/2010 19:25
Ms Hoey is a total disgrace to our party and chairs the overwhelmingly pro Tory bloodsports organisation The Countryside Alliance. Following the election she gloated that so many Labour MPs had lost their seats.Appalling and vile.

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