On the campaign trail

I've spent some time this bank holiday weekend in Warrington South campaigning for the Labour candidate Nick Bent (today I'm back in Vauxhall campaigning for Kate Hoey and for our local Lambeth Council candidates).  Labour faces a challenge from the Tories - Warrington South is a seat they need to win to form a government.  That's why it is essential for Labour to hold it.  Nick is working hard with a great team from his local constituency party.  People are really engaged with this election and I've had some great conversations on the doorstep.  I did expect in a close battle such as this to find more people embracing the Conservatives, but that's been the odd thing - there's not much enthusiasm for them.


CLP chairs Stephen Beer Vauxha

Two Labour constituency chairs: Stephen Beer (Vauxhall) and Steve Wright (Warrington South)


This really is an usual election.  I suspect that there will be quite a few odd results on the night for all the parties.  It means the campaigning on the ground matters more than ever.  People are scrutinising their canididates carefully.  They are looking for transparency and integrity.  And while the debate over the future of the economy may seem stale to some media commentators, it is a live one in probably every constituency.  The efforts of Labour volunteers should never be taken for granted as they get Labour's message across and encourage out the Labour vote.


Stephen Beer's blog, 3 May 2010, 03/05/2010

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