What would happen in a hung Parliament

Since the first TV debate there has been a lot of speculation about what would happen if there was a hung Parliament.  The first point of course is that government would continue.  But the constitutional position is clear and has been set out by the Cabinet Office.  It is shocking that the Tories are apparently suggesting they want to somehow ignore the conventions.  The incumbent Prime Minister has a duty to try to form a government.  He or she can even face the newly elected House of Commons and put it to the test even if there is no prior arrangement between the parties.  Disraeli I think refused to resign after an election and did this.  If the PM cannot form a government that would have the support of the House, he/she has to resign and the task falls to someone else, almost certainly a leader of another party.


The guidance is quite useful and is located here.


Stephen Beer, 05/05/2010

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