At Labour Conference

Here at Labour Conference and although it is only the second day of conference it seems longer because it was preceded by the leadership conference on Saturday.  It was at that conference that Labour's new leader was announced - Ed Miliband.  Ed has now been plunged into the round of conference leadership engagements but the most crucial will be his speech on Tuesday afternoon.


One of the leader's first engagements was the 50th anniversary reception of the Christian Socialist Movement, held in Manchester Cathedral after the Labour Party's annual conference church service on Sunday.  He spoke well, and praised CSM for being in the forefront of Labour's renewal.


Conference has what I would describe as a sober but buzzing character to it: there's excitement about how we might renew the Party while at the same time very serious intent about taking the argument to the Tories and LibDems and winning the next General Election.

Stephen Beer, 27/09/2010

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