Labour Conference - Monday

Second day of Labour Conference and it's been a long day.  I spent most of the day in the conference hall (as you would expect from a delegate!) listening to the economy debates.  During the economy Q&A I asked the panel what Labour's message should be in 4 or 5 year's time ie after the worst of the Tory/Lib cuts has been implemented.  Yvette Cooper responded - she argued Labour will need to be campaigning on jobs and growth.  There was no surprise that all the contemporary resolutions were passed - there was nothing particularly controversial about them (even though the topics were serious enough).


I've come across a few people who have read my Progress magazine article on future Labour economic policy.


Earlier David Miliband spoke briefly before a Q&A on foreign affairs.  He was warmly received by delegates - and by his brother of course.


CSM held a fringe event on Labour and Christianity.  David Lammy spoke powerfully about the role Christian Socialists should play in future in the Labour Party, noting in particular the need for Labour to speak about the family (in an inclusive way) and against consumerism.


In the evening I attended a RSA fringe on Labour and big government.  There was food for thought there though I'm not sure what conclusions if any we came to.


Meanwhile, the first photos from CSM's 50th anniversary reception are through.  In this image, I just appear behind an Archbishop and a Dean!






Stephen Beer, 27/09/2010

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