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Labour Conference over

I'm writing this on the train back to London - an example of the pace of technology since Labour was last in opposition.  This morning we had debates on local government and on housing.  It was good to see Hilary Benn speak since his voice is one  I think we should hear more of in the Party.  As usual we had a closing speech from the Deputy Leader before singing The Red Flag and Jerusalem together to finish.


I always feel a little drained travelling back from Conference.  The mind continues to buzz but an intense week with little sleep takes its toll on us all!  This Conference was unusual - we began on Saturday not knowing who would be elected leader.  Since Ed Miliband was elected we have been working through what that means for the future (the same  would have been the case if David was elected of course).  There was a sense of unity in the hall and determination.  There is a lot of work to do on policy however.  I expect next year's conference to contain a few lively policy debates.


The Christian Socialist Movement had a good conference once again.  It is always a privilege to organise the Party's annual Conference Church Service and this year Manchester Cathedral was packed.  It was good too to have the new leader at our 50th anniversary reception.  Fringe meetings on Labour and Christianity, Labour Neighbours, and bank reform went well with some good debate.  The relationship between CSM and Labour is warm and friendly and we came out of the conference determined to maintain our efforts to support Labour and the task of renewal ahead.


Stephen Beer, 30/09/2010

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