Wednesday at Labour Conference

Wednesday began with some speech preparation ahead of CSM's fringe on bank separation.  I knew what I wanted to say on bank reform but I wanted to put it in the context of Ed Miliband's speech on Tuesday and linked to Labour's need to reform itself.


The fringe event itself went well and I had a few conversations afterwards with people.  Also on the platform were MPs Andrew Gwyne MP and Rachel Reeves (Alun MIchael chaired).


I missed a good speech from Ed Balls in the morning conference session - reading it afterwards it came across as a quite powerful speech attacking the damage the Tories and LibDems are doing to our schools.  The afternoon session began with a Q&A with the new leader chaired by Eddie Izzard.  Later speakers included Tessa Jowell.


After a coffee and an emergency sandwich and cake, I went to an Action Aid/Foreign Policy Centre meeting on development aid and accountability.  I left before the end to attend a Christian Aid fringe on taxation in developing countries.  Finally, I rounded off the evening at the Unite reception catching up with friends and meeting new people.  Ed Miliband spoke - I thought it was one of his best speeches all week, if not the best.  I liked the clear intent - and he seemed more relaxed.


Stephen Beer, 30/09/2010

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